Control Your Energy Storage System

Battery Management Systems (BMS), also known as the battery's "brain," are responsible for the efficiency, safety, and longevity of the batteries. The important function of BMS is to monitor and manage a battery pack in order to protect it from damage, extend its life and keep the battery operation within safe limits.

Improve Battery Performance enhances the safety, performance, and longevity of your lithium battery.

Key Features

  • State of Charge(SOC) Estimation - When it comes to SOC estimation, no single method is superior. We have successfully conducted internal and collaborative research to describe "Standard Cycling tests" for BMS benchmarking situations. 

  • State of Health(SOH) Estimation - Based on extensive research, we created SOH predictive algorithms and these algorithms are highly tested with 63+ varieties of batteries.

  • Cell Balancing - As a result, balancing abilities are twice as good.

  • Communication Capabilities - The BMS transmits information about the status of the battery to the end-user.

  • Data Logging - Every second of battery life is important, This would result in huge data, It was developed with compression algorithms that reduce memory and communication interruption.

  • FOTA- Our Battery Intelligence Platform is capable of sending over-the-air updates to the BMS. This feature is essential for increasing battery life by optimizing the BMS configuration in real-time.​

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  • Customizable, comprehensive platform - Key parameter data is easily monitored and analyzed, making it suitable for engineers, administrators, and decision-makers alike.​

  • Real-time monitoring - For a complete picture of battery performance, Clean & Clear-real-time cell-level data is available.

  • Intelligent Estimation - The algorithm's estimation for the current state of SOC and SOH with the battery's performance

  • Analytics - provide novel insights and improve battery performance.

  • Fault monitoring - For better fault tracking, receive real-time event alerts.

  • Preventive maintenance - Exact estimations of battery range and health allow for the early detection and resolution of warranty issues.


Areas of Application

Our Internet of Things-based Battery Monitoring System is based on the concept of Industry 4.0, and our solution supports the following industrial sectors.


  • Data Center

  • Telecom Towers

  • Critical Infrastructures

  • IT Sector

  • Solar Power Plant

  • Building Management System

  • EV charging stations