CNC  Monitoring Software
 Real-Time Data of CNC Machine 
Our software has optimized IoT for the shop floor and fully automated machine monitoring and OEE provides visualizations of real-time manufacturing production data, quick notifications, and historical analytics, allowing industrial staff to make faster, intelligent, and more confident decisions based on real-time data.
Increase your profit by implementing smart factory digital transformation 
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Key Features

  • Downtime-Understanding, why machines are not running, is critical to understanding machine downtime and utilization issues.
  • Real-Time -Dashboards provide workers with the knowledge they require to make decisions that lead to improvements. 
  • Alerts and Email Notifications-When a machine fails, a text or email notification can be sent to supervisors who aren't on the shop floor, providing them with the information they need to take immediate action. 
  • OEE Reports - The data is presented in an easily understandable format, allowing supervisors to quickly identify issues related to a specific machining operation and assist in measuring the impact of process improvements.
  • Machine Integration - 
  • Improved Manufacturing Efficiency
  • Reduced Production Waste and Increase the Profit
  • Improved User Interaction and Company-Wide Communication
  • Data Collection and Analytics by Automated Means
  • Shop Floor Visibility in Real-Time
  • Overall Equipment Efficiency is increased 
  • Notification and Alert of Shop floor Data
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