Energy Management System
ISO 50001
Improved data visibility, insights, intelligent systems, data-driven maintenance, and smart problem isolation reduce energy consumption, costs, and carbon footprints.
A Smart Energy Management System is a collection of computer-aided tools used by electrical grid operators to monitor and optimize the system's performance. SCADA refers to the monitoring and control functions, while advanced applications refer to the optimization packages.

Our Energy Management System enables you to access and monitor your office and industry energy consumption from anywhere at any time, making energy conservation easier. Our IoT-based Energy Monitoring System has helped customers save up to 10% on their electricity bills by raising awareness, and our company aims to create a sustainable world by leveraging IoT technology and human expertise to lower costs, drive efficiencies, and reduce environmental impact.
Why you need Energy Management System in Industries?
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Understand Your Power Factor - Electricity companies will charge you for unused energy. You will be able to identify a low power factor and take steps to improve it by implementing an energy management system. This will significantly reduce your energy costs.

Information is Power - It will provide you with valuable data, allowing you to understand your impact on the power grid and determine which business operations consume the most energy.

Identify Potential Improvements -Using this data, you can avoid downtime by identifying and addressing areas of inefficiency. You will eliminate risks, ensuring the best possible outcomes for your energy portfolio.

Reduce your energy consumption - Saving money isn't the only reason to reduce your energy consumption. Energy consumption has a significant impact on the environment, and by using energy more wisely, you can be confident that your company is "going green" and choosing to be socially responsible.

Spend Less time on Updates - It assists you in keeping your equipment running efficiently, allowing you to anticipate and avoid potential downtime and costly repairs. Understand your options so that you can configure your system to run as efficiently as possible.
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Features of Our Energy Management System 
  • Machine learning and utility safety alerts for power factor, KHW, and THD
  • Harmonics pattern analysis
  • Analysis and reports on time of use.
  • Reports on cost center deviation – shift, daily, monthly, and flexible.
  • Meter-software integration.
  • DG Monitoring – generation and DG efficiency.
  • SMS and email alerts.
  • Customized system design.
  • Our software can integrate with Alexa. 
  • Could and web-based is  available 
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