The lack of accurate, available, and real-time information is a common challenge faced by every organization. As a result, about IoT based Patient Record Monitoring System [PRMS], which is helpful for doctors and medical staff to track the patient treatment information, Prescription as well patient OPD visit in the hospital and another branch, also track the recorded all the parameters as per requirement in treatments with real-time completion of the service/work by the medical team as per prescribed by a doctor.

Key Features

System Model

IoT-based Patient Record Monitoring System will be sensing the data from TAB of the organizations, In-out patient department information regarding appointments, schedule medical consultations, and other allied services can be displayed. And then this data will be transmitted to the server for processing, the server will transmit data to the web app indicating alerts /notifications and treatment analysis of the patient. Provide way-finding maps display board and queuing information.


Smart OPD Reception

In this system one Android/IOS-based application will work in the background, synchronizing between the doctor and medicine counter. Using IoT-based PRMS, an appointment will be created from OPD reception for a patient by using the patient mobile number and his/her name with address. On real-time basis same information will be raise at Doctor's desk with the assigned a number, Patient will go according to turn, Doctor will check-up patient and diagnose the patient and prescribed medicine, all information will be filled in application and submit request for medicine counter. At the same time notification will received at medicine counter with medicine details, Patient will receive all medicines.

System Features

Our IoT-based Patient Record Monitoring System is based upon the idea of industry 4.0. The method used for data actuation helps our customers attain productivity, quality, and accuracy of the products and upgrade their existing technology with the latest one. Key Features of IoT based Patient Record Monitoring System are as follows:

  •   Real-time information

  •   Increased Productivity

  •   Increased Delivery of service

  •   Increased Consistency


Patient Record Analysis Board

This is the picture of Patient Record analysis systems installed at one of our clients, in this system user can check the Patient information’s logs for various units such as age, gender, weight, date of visit, and all patient history of diagnosis for all the departments and we can also monitor medicines information’s Allergy, side effects issue with the number of occurrences of every day during patient admit in ICU. Also track oxygen level, body temperature, Blood pressure hourly report can be generating through the application.

Add Ons

  •   GSM/SMS Integration

  •   IoT Enabled Remote Access

  •   Cloud-Based Record Analysis

  •   Centralized Patient record Analysis

  •   Critical Alarm Generation

Functional Requirements

  • Patient Record Analysis Software

  • The application uses Android Tab collects the data from all the patient through the application installed on Tab, gives to centralized software