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How to Monitor your Diesel Generator ?

Updated: Oct 1, 2021

In EMS based IIoT solutions energy sources plays a crucial role. In the energy sources Diesel Generator monitoring and understanding the utility is complex. Lets make it simpler. This article enables you to easily analyze the Diesel generator(DG) performance more better into deeper visualization

How to monitor a performance of DG?

What are the parameters and how it is related with the characteristics of DG ?

Diesel generators are commonly installed in infrastructures like Hospitals, Datacenters, Manufacturing Industries since they are more efficient and safe for the power generation.

Diesel generators, on the other hand, emit a substantial amount of exhaust that, if not properly ventilated, can pose a health danger. As a result, you should ensure that the space is well ventilated. Use a high-efficiency mixed-flow impeller fan that mixes in enough air to dilute the exhaust completely to eradicate it.

All Diesel Generators in recent trends comes with inbuilt controllers that can monitor the parameters like diesel tank capacity, fuel level, overall current consumption, Voltage level, etc., and the controller is enabled with MODBUS communication and its available with the register maps in the DG. Now the crucial parameters to be monitored in the DG are as follows

The above mentioned are extracted through an energy meter which can be integrated with our solution through MODBUS RTU communication. The Energy meter considered in this solution is Elmeasure make. Our custom product with MODBUS communication to MQTT over WiFi can be provided with direct cloud access to the software visualization

With the collected information in MODBUS communication the visualization can be developed as follows

This dashboard gives you the overall parameters and visualization of Electrical parameters data along with the fuel consumption. With this visualization of dashboard the following observations can be made out

  • The voltage line to line level at 415V and Voltage line to neutral level at 230V

  • Current consumption trend over a period of time

  • Diesel consumption trend, This can also be used to identify the Pilferage of the fuel

  • So far observed kVA and kWh with Live Power consumption (kW)

The dashboard designed are exportable over a trend in Excel and PDF formats which is easier to prepare the reports. The kVA, kWh and kVAh indicates the observations on the electrical consumption of the loads connected to the DG.

The different locations of the plant or different DGs can be connected to our IIoT platform. This dashboard gives the overall consumption and comparative parameters in the dashboard which gives the overall performance analysis of each plant. Geotagging is provided along with the visualization that enhances the data visualization better.

We shall also export the trend in Graphical format as follows that makes our observations and inferencing the predictive maintenance activity more impacting

This Visualization helps in developing the trend of DGs contribution over a period of time. All the visualization is customizable using our IIoT platform and the Bill of materials required for the solution is

  1. DG controller specification

  2. Energy meter with Load hours and Run hours

  3. MODBUS communication cable

  4. Jousane HIS Datalogger with WiFi and MQTT connectivity to cloud

  5. on cloud IIoT platform

With the understanding of the product and solution, we have been doing proof of concept Automobile Industries TVS and Honda and getting better results in the past 2 months. Would you like to have a POC in your infrastructure you can reach us at or call at 9901837726

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