What is the need of ISO 50001 in EnMS ?

For our leadership, energy management has remained a core priority and we continue to search for ways to take our efficiency to the next stage. This has most recently included conducting a thorough revamp of our corporate social responsibility policy and setting new long-term targets for the future.

  • ISO 50001 is trending in the Energy Management and the need of framework requirements

  • Establish a strategy to use electricity more effectively

  • Action plans and objectives to execute the strategy

  • Using knowledge to better understand and make judgments on the use of resources

  • Measure the observations

  • Study how well the policy works and how well it performs

  • Constantly improve the control of electricity

Stages in ISO 50001 Implementation

Stage 1: Planning for ISO 50001 for your business

Stage 2: Review of The Distance (finding where you need to focus)

Stage 3: ISO 50001 Plan of EnMS Project

Stage 3a: Plan and record your ISO 50001 EnMS using teams

Stage 3b: The ISO 50001 Team creation

Stage 4: ISO 50001 preparation

Stage 5: Documentation of your ISO EnMS 50001

Stage 6: Enforce Your ISO 50001 EnMS 

Stage 7: Conduct an Internal Audit

Stage 8: Schedule your ISO 50001 Audit

Hilton Hotels, San Diego, CA
How Hilton implements ISO 50001 EnMS ?


Our good coordination, both internally in all relevant departments and externally with our certification and assurance partners, has been one initiative that has been vital to our progress.

We formed a broad working group with representatives from almost every department of Hilton when we first pursued certification. Still, across those organizations, we tend to work together to ensure that we maintain our certifications and earn the corresponding benefits.

The ISO 50001 standard offers a comprehensive energy management structure for companies and provides criteria for a systematic, data-driven and fact-based process focusing on energy performance improvement.

The norm encourages the implementation of policies for energy management and strengthens healthy habits in energy management. According to the ISO, up to approximately half of the world's energy usage may be influenced by the standard, with broad applicability across national economic sectors.

Perks of the ISO 50001 implementation 

  • Reduced use of electricity

  • Enhanced efficiency of energy

  • Reduced cost of electricity and increased savings

  • Reduced effects on the climate

  • Better utilization of current energy-consuming properties

  • Facilitates changes in energy efficiency in relation to greenhouse gas emission reduction programmers

  • Continual increase in the efficiency of energy

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